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SC4 Kick Start My Heart

    RRD Gauge P529 *Ennobled*
  RRD S889 *Ennobled*  
RRD P450
Eggspensive Powerplay T451 *Ennobled*
Eggsfile *Ennobled*
Eggspensive Mistress *Ennobled*
DOB: 10-6-08 Eggspense
RRD R898 Cannon *Ennobled*
EGGS Tra Bullettproof V508 *Ennobled*
SC4 4C 711 Poptart
FSE 3083 Dyna-Mo *Ennobled*
2DOX Simply Irresistible
DSM 3B312 Classy Lady SA *Ennobled*

ABGA Point Total : 100 and 116 Unassigned


Breeding Information:




What a doe!  We have been wanting to get our hands on a Powerplay daughter for a while now.  To get the chance to get one of this quality was a rare opportunity.  This doe has done it all.  She is a top show doe and has been a great producer of kids placing in the top 5 at the 2012 ABGA Nationals.  We are looking forward to getting kids on the ground out of this doe and then flushing her to Chicken On A Chain.  Endless possibilities with this doe.


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