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GJT1 Z6 Empire's Rave Treat

    RRD Remington *Ennobled*
  RRD Gauge P529 *Ennobled*  
RRD Ms. M27 *Ennobled*
Ash Creek GJT1 Empire Maker *Ennobled*
EGGS Ryals Magnum *Ennobled*
Ash Creek Bright Star *Ennobled*
DOB: 2-26-10 Ash Creek Bright Eyes *Ennobled*
RRD Gauge P529 *Ennobled*
JRA1 Agnew's Collateral Damage *Ennobled*
ABF Dottie *Ennobled*
GJT1 V9 Collateral's Grace *Ennobled*
JLF Rambo *Ennobled*
SEBG 9135 VaoVao
SEBG N Botha Highlander's 96

ABGA Point Total : 68  Unassigned: 15


Breeding Information:


GJT1 A1 Chicken On A Chain This cross is tremendous.  This cross alone has produced more than 200 ABGA points.  Treat is one of these animals.  She has done extremely well in the show ring and we look for that trend to continue.  She is super correct on her feet and legs.  She is thick with a great top line, and heavy forearm, and a great hip Empire is putting in his offspring.  Look for this doe in the show ring near you. 


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