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EGGS Rockin The World C509

    Eggstra Dimension Y372 *Ennobled*
  SGG Next Dimension *Ennobled*  
SGG Big Star
EGGS Rockin Harve B393
Eggs Tra Bullets W830 *Ennobled*
DOB: 3-7-13 EGGS V518 *Ennobled*
EGGS Tra Clip T363 *Ennobled*
EGGS Eggstra Flashy Clip *Ennobled*
3HM Flashy Dream
EGGS Tra Flashy Y109
RRD R898 Cannon *Ennobled*
JFJ Jerico Farms T94 *Ennobled*
JFJ Jerico Farms Bette Davis Eyes *Ennobled*


Breeding Information:



Flushed to GJT1 D2 Bushwacker


We really liked the style this doe brought to our program.  We were looking for a stronger hind leg and super square hip design and we found what we were looking for.  We believe this nice doe can make both show stock and wethers.  Look for her first set of flush kids to hit the ground soon.


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