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RRD P469 "Artemus"

    Artemus was the pride of our farm.  The story behind the acquisition of him continues to amaze me.  I, "Doc", am a christian and I am a big believer in prayer.  God has been very good to my family and me.  He has blessed us more than could be imagined.  Artemus is one of those blessings.  Now you may say, like many have, "He is just a goat."  However, he is more than that.  He is an answer to a prayer.    

      We were in need of a buck to breed to our does at home.  We had searched and searched for a good bred animal and had failed to find one. On the day of the Showstopper Sale, July 27, 2002, I prayed that God would allow us to go home with a buck.  Immediatly a feeling came over me that is very hard to describe.  I knew then that we would go home with something.   We wanted a buck out of either Magnum **Ennobled** or Eggsfile **Ennobled**.  The bidding had been out of our reach all day.  As a buck entered the arena, my Dad and I sat down to watch.  The bidding climbed quickly.  The price was edging towards the amount my Dad and I had specified we would spend.  The auctioneer began to call for more bids.  I said to myself, "Stop the bidding".  The auctioneer stopped as soon as I said those words.  We would be going home with a buck!  On top of it all, He was a Magnum **Ennobled** son and an Eggsfile **Ennobled** grandson.  My prayers had been answered.
     There is a meaning behind the story.  God answers prayer.  If He will give a kid a goat, He will help you with greater needs.  All you have to do is ask.  Allow God into your life and you will be blessed. 

    GAR ADUWA Sasquatch *Ennobled*
  Eggstreme *Ennobled*  
Eggs Ryals Magnum *Ennobled*
GAR ADUWA Sasquatch *Ennobled*
Eggsellent *Ennobled*
DOB: 2-19-06 (95263022)
Top Gun No 2 *Ennobled*
Eggsfile *Ennobled*
Eggspensive *Ennobled*
RRD Ms. M2
Green Garden's Muzri's Jazzlyn
Sweetie Pie

ABGA Point Total : 20



This is the buck that started it all for us.  God gave us this buck and it has been a tremendous blessing to have him.  He produced some good kids and his daughters are still producing in our herd and will continue to do so.  It was a sad day when we lost Art to Urinary Calculi.  He will be remembered not only for what he did for our doe herd, but because God allowed us to have him.  You can read his story on our Bucks page.

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