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MFR1 2DOX A202 "Gunpowder and Lead"

SEMEN ONLY : $50.00 per straw

    TLB M154 *Ennobled*
  TLB P233 *Ennobled*  
TLB M151
SWE Main Event *Ennobled*
TLB R269 Class Act
PBL 4B504
DOB: 9-7-11 PBL 3B318
RRD Brass Shot S916 *Ennobled*
RRD Ruger T307 *Ennobled*
RRD R879 
2DOX Rising Star
Powell/Holman 2SIS 139N Bingo *Ennobled*
2DOX Bingo Star *Ennobled*
CBM Treasure

ABGA POINT TOTAL: 30 and 5 Unassigned




1X Overall Grand

3X Overall Reserve Grand

3X Division Grand

1X Division Reserve

6X Class Winner



When we were looking for a buck to outcross with, we knew we wanted a buck with this pedigree.  Main Event has worked time and time again on RRD and Farmer's Stock Exchange animals.  This buck is long, level topped, and thick.  He has the best head and horn set of any animal we have owned.  We can't wait to see what he does crossing him on our does.  We have already bred several to him and will be flushing our best doe, GJT1 V9 Collateral's Grace to him this fall.  These kids should be tremendous!!


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