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2M Boer Goats Armed Force is an own son of AABG NBD SQUARE ONE *ENNOBLED* over 2M BOER GOATS ARMED AND FABULOUS *ENNOBLED*an own daughter of Ruger Reloaded *ENNOBLED*.  He was the 2013 ABGA National Reserve Champion Junior Buck along with many other champion titles.  He is just what we were looking for to cross on our Chicken On A Chain *Ennobled8 Daughters.  Big bone, long deep bodied, big level top, super square hip, loads of muscle front to back.  As you can see by the pictures he stands as square as you can make one and stands wide out on all fours every time he stops.  If you have any questions about the stout made buck feel free to call or email us.  Breeding options and semen are available.


Home of GJT1 A1 Chicken On A Chain **ENNOBLED**



Pictured @ 10 months!

Ruger *Ennobled* X GJT1 V9 Collateral's Grace *Ennobled*


     Huck 'N Doc Boer Goat Farm is owned by Gary and Joshua Tabler, otherwise known as "Huck" and "Doc".  After a trip to the Jonquil Festival in Old Washington, Arkansas on March 3, 2002, we were headed to our home in Ben Lomond, Arkansas.  On the trip home we bought our first two percentage does.  One was a descendant of Bodacious Hoot and the other was a Keri Downs bred doe.  Once we got the two home, we began our research on the Boer breed.  The more we researched, the more interested we became. 

      In order to improve on what little my dad and I had, we began our search for a top bred buck.  Our search led us to the Showstopper Sale.  We purchased a 5 month old buck whom we named "Artemus".  (His story is located on our Bucks page.)  His genetics have improved our herd dramatically.  We are very excited to see what all he can do for us.

      We continue to learn more and more daily and will continue to improve our herd.  You can view any of our animals on their given pages, and we urge you to come out and see us at Huck 'N Doc Boer Goat Farm. 


Our Genetics include:

Eggs Ryals Magnum**Ennobled**     Sasquatch**Ennobled** 

Eggsfile**Ennobled**     Top Brass**Ennobled**     Remington**Ennobled**

Eggspensive**Ennobled**     Eggstreme**Ennobled**     Mzuri         

Top Gun No. 2**Ennobled**    Eggsellent**Ennobled**   Mojo Magic**Ennobled**     JLF Rambo**Ennobled**

Magnum's Beauty**Ennobled**     Frances**Ennobled**     Kaptein**Ennobled**

325 GLIPSIE     38 SUPERMAN     Highlander     Eggsplicit**Ennobled**

     Pipeline**Ennobled**     Sumo**Ennobled**     Eggspense Account**Ennobled**

JLF Pillio**Ennobled**     Eggsorcist**Ennobled**    


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